John F. Sullivan

Mr. Sullivan recognizes that some people believe the quality of life is inversely proportionate to the number of attorneys encountered, so it is vital to have a client relationship built on trust, understanding and mutual respect. Mr. Sullivan has represented clients in the financial services and real estate industries for more than a decade. He has counseled banks, title insurers, realtors, developers and mortgage bankers on compliance with RESPA, TILA, FCRA, FACTA, HOEPA and a host of other consumer protection statutes and defended litigation involving such matters.

John's financial services litigation practice is vertically integrated. John has represented creditors in consumer claims, prosecuted and defended claims involving the secondary mortgage market on retail, wholesale and correspondent loan levels, and handled inter-bank claims arising from commercial loan participations.

In addition to his litigation practice John assists lenders in documenting and closing commercial loans, loan participations and bulk loan purchases and sales. John has also assisted financial service clients in matters ranging from Human Resource issues, such as FLSA, ADA or FMLA compliance, to merger and acquisition work involving valuation models for multi-million dollar mortgage loan pipelines.

Before practicing law John worked 10 years handling or managing property and casualty insurance claims, the last 6 of which pertained exclusively to nationwide environmental and toxic tort defense and coverage disputes.

Whether it's front end risk management through clear and concise employment agreements or other contracts, or back end risk mitigation through litigation or mediation, John strives to understand each client's unique needs and counsels all of his clients with an eye on their bottom line.